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:: Customer Satisfaction

Frico aims for ultimate customer satisfaction. We see ourselves as a competent and reliable logistics partner who is able to carry out any task efficiently.


:: Total Quality Management (TQM)


Frico's services evolve around a structured system for satisfying internal and external customers and suppliers by integrating the business environment, continuous improvement, and breakthroughs with development, improvement, and maintenance cycles while changing organisational culture.


:: Frico's Self- Image


Every employee acts as a service provider for the customer.


:: Our Partners


Frico's partners are seen as integral components in the company's success. Our mutual relations are characterised by fairness, openness and promotion of common interests.


:: Regional Presence


Frico is a subsidiary of the "Trico Group" Head officed in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We have achieved a substantial regional presence in the Middle East.


:: Global Presence


Frico has set itself the goal of maintaining a presence in all major markets around the world for its customers.


:: Readiness to Learn


Frico sees itself as a "learning organisation," which invests in its employees at all levels in working towards acquiring professional skills.


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