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Our major focus is in Shipping and Air Freight within the Arabian Gulf complimented by a worldwide network of branch offices and associates spanning five continents. Our dedicated staff, comprising of more than two thousand personnel are available "hands-on" to serve you round the clock,around the globe. We are proud of our multi-cultural and multi-lingual employees for their sincere dedication, relentless effort and hard work to succeed, and we are truly grateful to all our customers who have made us Who & What we are today. Our strong values and passion for success is a testimony of our growth and quality of service. The edge we have over our competitors is due to our premium service and quality in packing, transporting, shipping, forwarding and service with a smile. Frico International in the United Arab Emirates is a fully owned subsidiary of Trico Group company, the head office located in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


19 years ago it sailed into the Arabian Sea, navigating its way through to the Gulf as the premier moving carrier to the Lankan expats living in the U.A.E., invariably to become the only Sri Lankan company to venture out as an established professional group. Earning this rare distinction is just one of our firsts and Frico has since then come a long way. Thereafter to reach as far as a commercial operator, crossing the boundaries of 5 continents with over 25 fully owned subsidiaries in 19 countries. 19 years in the transportation industry helps. And today, Frico is proud to affirm an unparalleled service that's second to none in taking your cargo to the ends of the world or in between


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